Set of small individual cooker top/hob gas flame stickers with associated sticker symbols

Set of small individual cooker top/hob gas flame stickers with associated sticker symbols


A set of very small cooker top replacement gas flame symbol stickers together with associated gas ignition symbols and dots - in total there are 40 tiny stickers - which is sufficient to replace worn gas hob/cooker top decals on up to 8 gas rings. Please check the listing picture with measurements to ensure that what you are buying matches the symbols on your cooker top and that the sizes are suitable.

In the listing picture, the edge of each sticker is outlined in magenta but this is only for illustrative purposes to show the outer dimensions. The magenta coloured lines are not printed on the version you receive.

These stickers are designed to replace worn gas cooker top/hob markings. They are easy to apply - simply peel off and stick to a very clean dry cooker top.

The stickers are made of transparent self adhesive vinyl with the print writing protected by a very thin layer of vinyl laminate. They are reasonably hard wearing but whether they are as hard wearing as the original manufacturer's applied version - only time will tell - but so far so good. They are made of heat resistant material and will withstand boiling water and will self extinguish if subjected to a flame test. The print is protected by a thin layer of transparent vinyl and as a consequence they robust and able to withstand normal cleaning with a cloth.

Please note these stickers are not designed for any specific cooker top, hob or stove. The buyer should check to ensure the sticker markings being applied match the function and method of operation of the markings being replaced. Mismatched markings can be a safety hazard.

The colour print of these stickers is only available in BLACK print which shows well on silver and white coloured backgrounds IF YOUR STOVE IS BLACK these stickers will NOT be visible

Black print will not work with a black stove/oven

If you are not entirely satisfied please contact us within 30 days of receipt at and we will liaise with you to ensure you receive the refund you are entitled to

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