Stove Stickers (based in the UK) specializes in stickers that are designed to replace worn sign markings and symbols for electric cooker stove hobs,  gas rings, cooker stove electric hot plate indicators and oven temperature markings and oven symbols. We also have markings for gas ovens.

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We have a variety of different designs all of which are made of self adhesive clear transparent vinyl. They are available in either black print, which is good for showing up on white and stainless steel surfaces, or in white print , which shows up well against a black background. We also have four designs in gold print.

The ink print on the stickers is on the underside surface and therefore they are robust and can withstand a considerable amount of cleaning. They are made from a material that withstands boiling water and high temperatures and will self extinguish in a flame test.  Each sticker is covered in a thin protective layer to protect the print. This thin transparent laminate film may get a bit worn on the edges over time at which point, the film can be removed so that once again the symbols display as pristine print again thus giving them a second life.

They are not transfers and there is no soaking in water before applying or awkward cutting with scissors or painting with varnish.

To apply the stickers is simplicity itself, just peel off one sticker at a time from their backing and stick to the stove or oven which needs to be clean.

Please note that the stickers are not designed to be stuck to cooker knobs' bezels (the outer edge of the knob/dial).  In such cases its best to buy new bezels

We are gradually expanding our range and always welcome suggestions for new designs.

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We pride ourselves on giving our customers a good buying experience. If you order from us and experience any problems please accept our apologies and please do not hesitate to contacts us ( so that we can promptly rectify the problem.

If you are not entirely satisfied simply advise us ( within 30 days of receipt and we will refund you in full.
If you have ordered the wrong stickers or the wrong colour - please contact us and we will try to resolve the problem as soon as we can
If we have sent you the wrong stickers or wrong colour please accept our apologies and please email us so that  we can send you the correct items as soon as possible

Most countries levy import duty/tax but there is usually a threshold point below which there is no import tax (the USA's threshold is $800). Canada's threshold is very low at $20 Canadian - anything valued above $20 gets taxed which you will have to pay - very sorry if this applies to you.

You should expect your order to arrive with you in:-2 working days in the UK (but please allow up to 3-4 working days during busier holiday periods and bad weather).
5-6 working days for most EU nations outside of the UK.
8-42 working days for most international orders beyond the EU. In some far way places it could be even longer especially at holiday times. We are also becoming aware of long postal delays to Canada and the USA  where the delivery can sometimes take upwards of 6-8 weeks. These delays are usually due to screening by the importing country's customs/border security authority where the imported item is checked for security, contraband and duty. This is not only to protect the security of the importing country but also to try and control unregulated imports and protect their economy and local jobs. This valid process can cause very long postal delays - It doesn't happen all the time but please be understanding if this happens to your shipment.
We have decided to stop selling to Australia on this site simply because the issues with the Australian GST  and collecting this tax - Unfortunately this site does not collect the GST  and  it is our understanding that if we send items to Australia without first having charged the GST tax the shipment will be considerably delayed at the Australian boarder whilst the buyer is contacted by Australian customs who will want the GST paid + their admin fees before the shipment is cleared.    Please go to  or  both of Etsy and eBay have systems in place to deal with GST

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